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Scorpion / Pest Control

Our pest control services are your ticket to a bug-free home. With our trained technicians on the case, you’ll get fast, effective relief from many different species of household pests. Armor Home Pest Control offers some of the best pest control methods in the industry. We are trained to “think like a bug”. We take pest control personally and treat you like family.

Armor Home Pest Control offers general pest control services, as well as specialized services for specific types of pests. Everything from Ants to Scorpions. There are over 30 species of Scorpions that are native to Arizona. However, only one species can climb; and that is the Bark Scorpion – very common throughout the entire state of Arizona. It is the most venomous Scorpion in North America. Its sting can be life-threatening.

Let us provide you with a comfort level in knowing that you, your family, and your pets are safe, healthy, and protected from pests of all varieties. So before a pest problem becomes an infestation, call today to schedule your free inspection and assessment.

Make your PEST problems, your PAST problems with Armor Home Pest Control.


Termite Inspection/Treatments

Termites destroy more than 600,000 homes each year at a cost of over $40 billion. Termites eat the cellulose of the structural wood in your home. Termites are not the type of pests to ignore. They are silent pests that eat 24 hours a day. The most destructive of all pests. That is why it is important to rid your home of them as soon as you suspect that you have an infestation. Signs to look for are blistering in wood flooring, hollowed or damaged wood, and or mud tubes on walls, your foundation, and or hanging down from a ceiling. If you have any of these indicators of termite activity, call today to schedule your inspection and to get a quote for a termite treatment plan.


Bird Control

Birds, bird droppings, and nesting materials carry transmittable diseases and ectoparasites. Bird nests can host bird mites. Bird droppings can contaminate standing bodies of water, such as pools, and spas, etc.. Bird droppings are acidic and can strip paint from your car, and home. Reducing, and or eliminating conducive conditions is the first step of any bird management program. Call today to schedule your free Bird inspection and assessment.

Rodent Control

Rodents are very destructive pests. They are prolific breeders. Rodents are vectors of harmful pathogens and diseases, including hantavirus. Contact with Rodents, their droppings, urine, and or nesting materials can put you, and or your pets at risk. The first step in a successful Rodent Control Program is to remove attractions such as food, water, and shelter. Trees, overgrowth of plants, shrubs, grass, and weeds can provide harborage and access to your home. A well maintained lawn and landscape are an effective Rodent Control measure. Rodent proof sealing of points of entry on your home is key and the best way to prevent an infestation. Call today to schedule your free inspection and assessment.